Our Mission

The Houston Council of Clubs (HCC), Inc. was formed to promote, sponsor and hold an annual event called “Let Us Entertain You” weekend – a.k.a. LUEY Weekend. Throughout the year we work in a combined brotherhood, sisterhood, and camaraderie among member organizations, organizations, associations, courts,local bars and businesses as well as individuals whose stated purposes coincide with those stated in our HCC guidelines. And it all culminates into one incredible weekend of debauchery and fun!

LUEY Weekend is still primarily geared for the L/leather BDSM communities… However, it has managed to uniquely transcend all boundaries by bringing together the Leather, BDSM, Bear, Cowboy, Transgendered, and Drag communities for a four day social. Gay, Bi, Pans. Trans, or Straight… male or female or somewhere in-between. It doesn’t matter how you identify or define yourself… all are welcomed – and all have a damn great time at LUEY Weekend. It is a venue to network, socialize, party and getaway from the hectic everyday world… And meet lifelong friends from all over the globe in the process.